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Making BHA’s homes more sustainable

A recent calculation by home energy experts Enhabit has estimated that your homes and our services send around 625 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air every year. And 97% of that comes from your homes

By 2030 all our homes will have to be much more energy efficient than they are now to meet a tough new government standard.

In for the long haul

Over time we want to bring all of your homes up to a higher standard of energy efficiency, making them more liveable and more affordable to heat. But it won’t be a quick fix. Most people would probably also do the hardest work last. But that would mean leaving those of you in the hardest homes to heat paying the highest bills for longer.

So that’s where we plan to start. And if we can make our Barnsbury Street homes models of energy efficiency then your other homes will be a walk in the park. We will shortly start work on an empty flat in Barnsbury Street to transform it into a warm, cosy and quiet home. You will all be able to visit it to see the proof yourself. Helping us with this work are two of the UK’s leading home energy specialists, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and consultants Enhabit.

Enhabit has given us a very clear idea of the scale of work needed to all your homes and the likely costs. If we move quickly we may qualify for government grants to help cover our costs. It sounds good on paper but real life is more complex. For some of you it will mean some or even a lot of disruption. And of course we have the pandemic.

We will shortly begin talks with those of you living on Barnsbury Street to talk through our ideas and discuss the challenges of making your homes energy efficient. All things going to plan,
work should start in spring.

If you have any questions about this please contact us