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Dealing with Condensation

Condensation is a common problem, and often leads to damp and mould problems. It is caused when moist warm air meets a cold surface such as glass in a window.

Every home gets condensation at some time, usually when lots of moisture and steam are being produced, such as at bath times, when cooking, or when clothes are being washed or dried. Condensation is usually at its worst in the winter and can result in black mould growing on walls and other surfaces.

You can help to reduce condensation by:

  • Reducing moisture in the air
  • Cover pans when cooking and use extractor fans if you have them
  • Hang washing outside to dry when you can
  • Make sure tumble dryers are vented to the outside
  • If you need to dry clothes indoors use the bathroom, keep the door shut and keep the room well ventilated by opening a window
  • Open the window and keep the door shut to the bathroom after showers or baths
  • Increasing ventilation and always open windows when possible
  • Keeping your home warm, by keeping the heating on at a low level for longer to keep rooms above 15°C.

If your problems with damp and condensation continue in spite of the above recommendations, please contact us and we can visit to see if we can help in any way.